INTEWO and Partners is a unique consortium that has been specifically created to support and develop cultural and natural tourism projects within the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa. It combines experienced European organizations with expert professionals from the fields of architecture, museum and exhibit design, communication media production, marketing, environment and sustainable tourism. The consortium is partnered with an Arabic network of specialists who together bridge intercultural and scientific knowledge with local business practices so that INTEWO and Partners can undertake and realize complete projects across the region.

The core of the consortium is constituted by INTEWO’s offices in Muscat (National Sustainable Development LLC) and Germany. Together with the internationally renowned partners Dr. Ulrich Hermanns, Studio Michele de Lucchi and RLS jakobsmeyer GmbH the consortium can conceive and implement sustainable projects to the highest worldwide standards.

 INTEWO + PARTNERS is providing integrated sustainable solutions with offices in Oman, Germany, Italy and Ethiopia