Studio Dr. Ulrich Hermanns

Dr. Ulrich Hermanns 

PhD Arthistorian & Archaeologist, designer and project developer for exhibitions and museums since 1995


The Studio of Dr. Ulrich Hermanns GmbH based in Muenster, Germany, belongs to the most renowned museum and exhibition studios in Germany. Dr. Ulrich Hermanns studied Archaeology and Art History in Bonn and developed museums and exhibitions with his permanent staff of 15 architects, scientists, graphic- and mediadesigners.

The studio offers full-service from project development to realisation in the field of conceptualisation, architecture, interior design and media like realization of films, audiovisual installations and media transfer. Professional support is ensured by an interdisciplinary team with a long experience of over 18 years. The management of competitions and feasibility studies, networking of interdisciplinary approaches, pooling expertise, project management, public relations add to the profile.


Federal Government of Germany

Regional Government (e.g. LVR Landschaftsverband Rheinland and LWL Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe)

Local Authorities (e.g. Aachen, Berlin, Magdeburg, Kassel, and more than 20 other cities)

Museums, Science Center and Zoos (e.g. Lippisches Landesmuseum Detmold, Roemisch-Germanisches Museum Cologne, Centre Charlemagne Aachen, DASA-Arbeitswelt Ausstellung, Allwetterzoo Muenster)

Foundations (e.g. Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung)

Archaeological and Heritage Institutes (e.g. NRW-Stiftung)

Companies (e.g. ThyssenKrupp, ABUS-Cranesystems)

International (e.g. Court of Royal Divan Muscat; INTEWO Muscat)




Phone: + 49 2501 96 40 351