Museum of the Arabian Horse

Museum of Arabian Horse

The Project

More than a HORSE – a LEGEND.
More than a MUSEUM ­– a MILESTONE.

The living museum – an exciting new type of edutainment

Take the chance  to discover the incomparable beauty and value of the Arabian Horse, from its legendary origins to today’s myth, in a museum especially dedicated to this wonderful breed. The museum complexes houses different stages for exhibits on display, breathtaking multimedia shows as well as outstanding continous showings of living horses. For further information we offer an eleborated study for a »Museum of the Arabian Horse«.

The performance can be realised progressively in different stages, granting for the highest degree of flexibility. We also are in the position to make proposals for several options due to the clients terms of reference and necessary coordination.


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The history of the Arabian Horse is closely linked to the development of mankind  in Arabia. Highly adapted to the climate the Arabian Horse ist one of the most important columns of the development of the Arabian world. The history of the Arabian Horse is closely linked to the development of mankind in Arabia. The concept is an outstanding occasion to bring to life a unique living emblem of the Middle East. The creation of a landmark for the heraldic animal of the Arabian world would be one of the noblest task for the upcoming years.

You will be able to discover all about the courage, intelligence and loyalty of this noble animal, and how its unique qualities of power, endurance and speed make it a champion in every kind of sport competition. Discover how this prestigious animal played a major role in the Arabic as well as European culture and get involved by its fascinating qualities and deeds.

In seven sections the visitor plounges into the fascinating universe of the Arabian Horse. The variety of themes ranges from the historic and mythic roots over biology and ethnogeny up to the manifold fields of application of the horse in past, presence and future.

Horse experiences

The consortium can count on its far-reaching competence, matured during the creation of two projects specifically dedicated to the horse, and our know-how involves a wide spectrum of skills. Our professional competence, reliability and multifaced skills prove us to be ideal partners for the creation of a successful »Museum of the Arabian Horse«.


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