World of Oman

World of Oman


World of Oman – a new experience of Oman’s nature and culture

Project study, August 2012

The Sultanate of Oman is unique regarding its ability to offer both a wealth of natural attractions and a tangible cultural experience of the Arabian folk tales of »One Thousand and One Nights«. The World of Oman is a perfect destination for leisure and tourism.World of Oman transfers the rich natural and cultural heritage of Oman and its past, present and future perspectives in a fascinating and modern presentation. The visitors experience the poetical power of the country, its vivid cultural and diverse natural heritage in a multi-sensory way. World of Oman presents a spectacular and multi-sensory experience. The uniqueness lies in the high aesthetic quality, the innovative installations of the themed rooms, the scenic multi-media model of Oman, technical finesse, interactive models and hands-on activities. In sum all these parts provide an overwhelming Oman-experience.


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New Perspectives

The World of Oman is a central place for the presentation and recognition of the globally acknowledged brand »Oman«. It has the ambition to achieve a permanent high frequency of visitors in the general public. The World of Oman is an open, communicative place that captures relevant themes and activities in education, culture, arts, science, economy and tourism.

The basic idea for a comprehensive presentation on Oman originates in the suggestion of a large walk-in model of the country that allows visitors exclusive views on the distinctive characteristics of Oman in a real-life as well as a virtual mode. Themed rooms and immersive environments accompany the model to give a multi-sensory presentation about the characteristic facets of the country. Nonetheless the exhibition is dedicated to the encouragement of aesthetically education and the integration of interactive learning tools for visitors of all ages. Themes and content base upon scientific research but present information in an easily accessible way with illustrative installations. Innovative ways of knowledge-transfer evoke emotion, creativity and understanding.

The World of Oman emphasizes the universal aspect and the difference to classical museums on a total area of 1.500 sqm plus functional and service area. The concept includes all essential operational aspects, with options for extension.


Concept by INTEWO + PARTNERS, edited by Dr. Ulrich Hermanns